Just look at all the nice things people have said about Wordgirl.

“I have worked with Sara several times in the past and she is basically the only person I know who understands science and regulatory while also being great at creating compelling consumer-facing copy. She has a keen ability to hone the complex into easily understandable soundbites consumers can relate to.”

– Niki Simoneaux, VP, Twinlab

“Sara is a joy to work with and elevates every project with her innate understanding of brand style and voice, which results in copy that is spot on from the first round. Sara is also thoughtful and detailed and shares great insights and ideas.”

– Aimee Sprinkel, Marketing Communications Manager, Gaia Herbs

“One of Sara's primary talents is understanding angles that will hook the media.  Her writing is fresh, clean and delivers our clients' messages. From gourmet tuna to high-end hair – Sara gets the story out.  She is truly a pleasure to work with.”

– Gillian Christie, Christie & Co

“As always, your copy was great. You sure make this process easy for us.”

– Frank Cotugno, Creative Director, Solgar Vitamin and Herbs

“The team loved the copy for the new ad, it’s a hit!!”

– Loni Ingram, Brand Manager, Flora

“Always remember (in case I forget to say so) we think you are the most brilliant, capable, responsible, and last but not least, intelligent copywriter ever!”

– Karena Dillon, President, Baker Dillon Group

“I am so glad we discovered Wordgirl! I have never had content provided before that was so close to perfect on the very first pass. Not only does Sara do her research, but she is an incredibly talented writer for both corporate and product communication.”

– Matthew Brady, Marketing Communications Director, Ortho Molecular Products

"We have really enjoyed working with Sara - not only does she have a lovely writing style, but she is fast, courteous and gets it right the first time, eliminating the need for lots of edits. We definitely plan on working with her on future projects."

– Helen Neville, Marketing Director, New Seasons Market

“Not happy with the progress our in-house team was making, we turned to Wordgirl for both creative input and copy improvement. We were much happier with the resultant ad concepts, and really appreciate how easy it was to work with Sara.”

– Eric Anderson, VP New Business Development, Vital Living

“We approached Wordgirl to weave the existing scientific data on our Aloe ingredients into a compelling article. The article Sara developed was immediately picked up in its entirety by four different domestic and international publications. The results speak for themselves.”

– Barbara Apps, Director Business Development & Marketing, Aloecorp

“We were preparing to introduce a new product but lacked an effective marketing piece.  I forwarded Wordgirl our technical documentation and within a week she had transformed the data into a user-friendly brochure clearly stating the benefits of our product.  My skepticism was met with complete satisfaction.  I wouldn't hesitate to use Wordgirl again in the future.”

– Greg Ris, Vice President Sales, Indena USA Inc

“You are the best! We are extremely pleased with all the ads. We've worked so hard to develop the business and to see it all materialize in print like that was very, very special to us. The next time we meet up at a trade show, the drinks are on us.”

– Maria Plover, Quality Systems Design

“OMG – I don't know whether to eat these or to put them on my body. These [soap labels] are great and as I read them to my personal trainer over coffee she said – this copy would totally make me buy this product. I also am happy that the copy goes with the company philosophy - because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it. What a great way to end the week. Yeah!”

– Whitney Greer, CEO, RebelMind Communications

“First, let me say how pleased we were with this draft and your overall tone in general. For about three months we have not been happy with the direction we were going on this package copy, and you fixed the issues in only two drafts! I am so very happy to have found you!”

– David Will, General Manager, Chino Valley Ranchers

“From legislative reports to health/wellness articles, Sara writes with just the right “voice,” and always on deadline. Sara is a pleasure, and an invaluable asset to our creative team.”

– Lynne McKay, Corporate Manager, Advertising & Marketing Services, Tree of Life, Inc.

“You are a fantastic writer. You really did a great job translating the hard science in simple terms that consumers and retailers can understand. I thought that your style was perfect!”

– Dan Lifton, CEO, Quality of Life Labs