Copy Critique

If you have developed a marketing piece in-house — such as an ad, brochure, or website copy — and you’d like a thoughtful, objective, professional opinion of the work, I will be happy to provide a copy critique.

A copy critique is a written report that outlines what’s working about your current copy and what’s not, along with suggestions for improvement. I’ll analyze your headline, your unique selling proposition, your brand voice, the flow of your copy, and even the graphic design of the piece.

A copy critique is not the same as an edit or a rewrite though; I basically tell you what I would do if I had total creative control, and you make the changes yourself. (Of course, you can always decide to hire Wordgirl to edit or rewrite the piece if you like my suggestions and don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself.)

Got something you’d like me to take a look at? Call me now at 831-234-0808 or email me the deats of your project.

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Thanks so much for sending this [copy critique] over. This is extremely helpful and I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments and insights.
— Aimee Sprinkel, Marketing Communications Manager, Gaia Herbs