My superpower is my sense of story. I can take a mess of complex information, distill it into simple concepts, and weave those into a story that resonates with people — whether they are overwhelmed consumers or busy executives.

Where did this superpower come from? Partly, I just have a natural knack for story. My Dad, Steve Lovelady, was a famous newspaper editor, and I think I got lucky in the gene department. Partly, I learned about story through performing comedy improv for over ten years. Consider improv a crash course — with direct feedback — in learning what engages folks and what doesn’t! And finally, I have honed the craft of story in my career as a copywriter for the past 25 years. I have learned that consumers don’t buy on facts; they buy on stories. It’s important to know how to craft a good one.

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Sara is a gifted writer, translating technical data and theories into easy-to-follow stories and analogies that flow effortlessly from one point to the next. She was a pleasure to work with, kind, considerate and always professional.
— Michael A. Smith, MD, Senior Health Scientist, Author and Lecturer, Life Extension Foundation