Name & Tagline Development

What’s in a name? A lot! A good name can make or break a product or a company. (You may recall the unfortunately named chewable diet squares called AIDS back in the 80s.)

Taglines are also of utmost importance. In three to six words, you’ve got to summarize what’s unique about your brand to the world.

If you’ve ever tried to name a company or product by yourself, or attempted to create a snazzy new tagline, you know it’s no easy task. It seems like everything you come up with is taken, generic, or just plain dumb. Brainstorm for long enough and you may want to bang your head against the wall. That’s because most people don’t have a tried and true system for naming. They just write down whatever random things pop into their minds — and it’s usually stuff they’ve seen somewhere else.

But since Wordgirl does this for a living, I have developed a step-by-step method for coming up with unique, ownable, and meaningful names. I’ll even perform an initial trademark search for you to make sure the names I provide you with aren’t already taken.

Ready to get naming? Call me now at 831-234-0808 or email me the deats of your project.

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Wordgirl always exceeds expectations, utilizing her professional expertise and personal acumen to create successful and superior work for our clients. The names and taglines she has developed continue to stand the test of time for many well-known products.
— Sheldon Baker, CEO, Baker Dillon Group