It can get awfully lonely in that corner office, wondering whether your latest epiphany is a flash of brilliance or a harebrained idea. Ever wish you had a smart, thoughtful, industry-savvy person you could bounce ideas off of? Wordgirl is your gal!

Use Wordgirl for help with:

  • Understanding the inner workings of the natural products industry

  • Brainstorming new product ideas

  • Figuring out the best product delivery system for your dietary supplement

  • Learning how to write appropriate structure function claims for dietary supplements

  • Knowing what kinds of substantiation you need for the claims you make

  • Increasing your search engine rankings

  • Capturing the email addresses of visitors to your site

  • Developing an email marketing campaign to your e-list

Because of my extensive industry experience, I can help answer some of your most pressing questions. Some of my clients even choose to use me as a “freelance marketing manager” on an as-needed basis.

The initial 30-minute conversation is free, so pick up the phone and call me at 831-234-0808.

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When we started working with Wordgirl, we had five different messages going on at once. Sara really helped us distill our communication into one consistent message. Now we have an objective person with expertise in writing and supplements. Thank goodness for Wordgirl!
— Michele Opheim, President, Nordic Naturals