When I first went freelance in 2002, I was one of a couple copywriters specializing in the natural products industry. Today there are quite a few of us. What makes me different? If I had to pick one thing, I’d say experience.

Many freelance copywriters came to natural products from a different industry altogether. Not Wordgirl. I love this industry so much, I’ve spent my entire career here. In fact, I was working in this channel before DSHEA passed. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge along the way — knowledge I put to use for my clients every day.

It’s not just the depth of my experience that makes me different, though — it’s also the breadth. Before I became a freelance copywriter for the natural products industry, I spent two years working in health food retail, followed by eight years working in-house for two well-known dietary supplement manufacturers. I can write compelling copy aimed at natural products consumers, retailers, and marketing executives because I have been all three — the consumer, the retailer, and the marketing exec! I know what they want, and I know how to speak to them from firsthand experience.

Consumer audience: I know how to weave a story that connects consumers to your brand so they’ll make repeat purchases.

Retailer audience: I understand how to win retailers over to your brand so they’ll recommend your products in the aisle.

Manufacturer audience: I can write copy that satisfies marketing execs’ need for science without bogging them down in boring technical jargon.

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Wordgirl saves the day for us all the time! She has really captured Flora’s voice in her pieces and her style is just the right amount of edgy. Because of Wordgirl, our content is more enjoyable, our headlines are snappier, and our ads are more effective. If you’re looking for a fun and dynamic copywriter who always meets deadlines, you’ll want to work with Wordgirl.
— Tricia Terpstra, National Marketing Manager, Flora Health