Why it’s so hard to find a good natural products copywriter

If you market natural foods or dietary supplements, it’s not easy to find a good copywriter. First and foremost, a nutritional supplements copywriter needs to know how to write compelling copy — words that jump off the page and make your target customer feel connected to your brand. But she also needs to be familiar with the natural products industry, have a basic handle on human physiology, know how to optimize for SEO, and be an expert at crafting structure function claims that won’t get you into hot water with the FDA. Add to that someone who is responsive, respects your deadlines, and is easy to work with, and you might feel like you’re asking for the impossible.

Wordgirl® to the Rescue!

With 25 years of experience as a dietary supplements copywriter — writing for big-name brands like Barlean’s, Gaia Herbs, Juice Plus+, MegaFood, and Rainbow Light — Wordgirl is everything you’ve been searching for in a superhero.

She has written winning copy for over 100 dietary supplement, natural foods, and clean cosmetics companies; has published numerous articles in consumer and trade magazines; and is co-author of the 4.5-star Amazon-rated book, The Supplement Pyramid. And since she’s armed with a graduate certificate in Nutrition Science from Tufts University, you can rest easy knowing all the claims she writes for your brand will be accurate and substantiated (but not boring!).

Whether you want a cost-effective way to get quality copy, are looking for a fresh perspective on your brand, or are just too busy to do the job yourself, give Wordgirl a buzz and let this superhero save the day. Click here for a free quote for your project, no strings attached.

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